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Lemonade Mouth Cast talks Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up!

Bridgit Mendler (“Olivia” from the LM movie)

Check out these exclusive very special messages from the cast of Lemonade Mouth!

“I’m very grateful to the cast of the movie, who were not only kind enough to make a new song and video just for the new LM book (which comes out TODAY!) but they also made these special photo & video messages for me. What nice people, huh?”

– LM Author, Mark Peter Hughes

(Stay tuned… more on the way!)



Hayley Kiyoko (“Stella” from the LM movie)

Adam Hicks (“Wen” from the LM movie)

Naomi Scott (“Mohini” from the LM movie)

Chris Brochu (“Ray” from the LM movie)

Isaac Kappy (“Mel” of Mel’s Lemonade from the LM movie)

Plus here’s the preview teaser for the new song “Don’t Stop The Revolution”

Hayley Kiyoko speaks her mind… (66 days to go!)

Here’s Hayley Kiyoko, who plays Stella in the movie, with Lemonade Mouth book #2, Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up! Stella is a fun character to write because she’s not afraid to speak up for herself and say exactly what she thinks…

Mad that Disney cancelled the Lemonade Mouth 2 movie? Tell them! If enough do, they’ll listen. Dial 818-460-7477, then 4, then 2, then leave a msg! (And let the world know!)

Lemonade Mouth continues…

LMPULemonade Mouth was around long before Disney got involved. And it will definitely continue. November 13, 2012. Pucker up, Lemonheads.

Guess what arrived today…

Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up (Advance Reader's Copy) The Advance Reader’s Copies (ARCs) of

Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up!

They won’t be available to the general public until November 13, but these early versions are sent out to reviewers and others in the media. Coolness, huh? 🙂

Are you ready for more revolution?

Author Mark Peter Hughes and the cast of Lemonade Mouth

Meet “Penelope”, the official vehicle of Lemonade Mouth since 2007.

Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up is on the way…!

Check this out… Need we say more…?

Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up

This image was just posted on the author’s web page, along with the following message:

“Sent the completed manuscript of Lemonade Mouth 2 (Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up) to my editor today. Celebration time!







What do YOU want to see happen in Lemonade Mouth 2 ? Let us know!!

Lemonade Mouth Cast with LM author Mark Peter Hughes

Lemonade Mouth Cast with LM creator Mark Peter Hughes

Want to let writer Mark Peter Hughes know what you want to happen in the Lemonade Mouth 2 movie? You can do it by following and then tweeting us at @Lemonade_Mouth, or by ‘liking’ us on FaceBook by clicking here and commenting! Mark will read your comments and tweets! (Don’t be selfish…Only one message per person please!)

HAYLEY KIYOKO on the Sequel for Lemonade Mouth!