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Success of Lemonade Mouth…

Between Takes: The Lemonade Mouth movie cast

Disney Channel movie puts author in spotlight

Bella English, Boston Globe Staff

April 23, 2011

WAYLAND — When he was in high school, Mark Peter Hughes finished in the top four of a young adult fiction contest whose winner would get a book published. Though he did not win, he was invited to submit another draft. He never followed up.

“I was a dumb kid,’’ he said.

Two decades later he…

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Want to know how Lemonade Mouth got its name?


“Olivia Whitehead. That’s your name, right?” Ray asked. The way he said it, it didn’t sound like a question.
Patty Norris poked the cartoon decal on Olivia’s backpack. “God I just adore your bag. Where did you get it? It’s so retro glam. That’s what you’re going for isn’t it?”
I could practically see Olivia disappear into herself. Like a turtle retreating into her shell. Her face went blank and she stared at the floor.
Patty Keane reached out and stroked the back of Olivia’s head. “And girl, how do you get these lovely locks to hang this way? I think the dead fish look is so in, don’t you?”
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Author’s ‘Lemonade Mouth’ opens wide

Lemonade Mouth waits for Olivia

Posted Apr 03, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

WAYLAND, MA. How sweet it was for Mark Peter Hughes as the author watched the film version of his book “Lemonade Mouth” for the first time.

Hughes will be able to savor the experience again on April 15 when the movie is shown on the Disney Channel at 8 p.m. For an added bonus, he’ll…

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Radio Disney and author Mark Peter Hughes at 1st public Lemonade Mouth movie preview

Lemonade Mouth author Mark Peter Hughes with Radio Disney

Lemonade Mouth author Mark Peter Hughes with Radio Disney at LM movie preview, March 2011

Lemonade Mouth author Mark Peter Hughes at LM movie preview, March 2011

Author Mark Peter Hughes and family watching Lemonade Mouth movie for the first time. 🙂

Author Mark Peter Hughes speaking before first Lemonade Mouth movie public preview, March 2011

New Lemonade Mouth music video: “Breakthrough”

Lemonade Mouth advert in Seventeen Magazine! Holy schmoley…

Um…well, it seems Lemonade Mouth are continuing skyward on this weird rocket ride. After seeing this in Seventeen Magazine today, Olivia started walking around in a daze. Charlie has been working off his excitement by beating on his drums like a madman. He’s been at it for two hours now. It’s good, though. All good.

Lemonade Mouth Game “Renegade”

Okay, so Lemonade Mouth HQ is still spinning over this one. Disney just put up a couple of Lemonade Mouth games! The newest is called “Renegade” and you can play it by clicking the picture. How cool is that? (“Whoa…” says Stella, her mouth hanging open. Olivia, Wen, Mo, and Charlie are bug-eyed and speechless….)

How the song “Somebody” fits into the Lemonade Mouth story