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Are you ready for more revolution?

Author Mark Peter Hughes and the cast of Lemonade Mouth

Meet “Penelope”, the official vehicle of Lemonade Mouth since 2007.

Lemonade Mouth 2: The revolution continues…!

We promised a big announcement, and here it is! To celebrate today’s news that Disney’s smash hit Lemonade Mouth, based on the popular novel LEMONADE MOUTH by Mark Peter Hughes, is officially being set up for a sequel, we now offer this sneak-peek, a look at the upcoming Lemonade Mouth book sequel, LEMONADE MOUTH PUCKERS UP! Fulfilling a promise, Mark reads the very first scene of the sequel. Enjoy…and spread the word!

Lemonade Mouth van: Saw this at the Disney Channel building in Los Angeles…

Cool, huh?


Lemonade Mouth author Mark Peter Hughes discovered the Official Disney "Lemonade Mouth" van in the parking lot of the Disney Channel building in Los Angeles. Coolness...