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Check out the new Lemonade Mouth “Rock-N-Ade” game…

Rock-N-Ade Game

Rock-N-Ade Game

Disney recently put this one up–you have to catch different colored lemons rolling down chutes. Click on the image to play. 🙂

LM Cast performs “Here We Go” without instruments–funny stuff… :-)

Check out Naomi’s “bass”… 🙂

Check it out…Exclusive LM Music vid on DVD!

“Living on a High Wire” – Lemonade Mouth Cast

Lemonade Mouth in Wall Street Journal

Lemonade Mouth Cast around Mel's Lemonade Machine

Disney Savors Its Lemonade
Fictional Band Garners a Real-Life Following—and Sales—After a TV Movie

APRIL 27, 2011, Wall Street Journal

When Nielsen SoundScan publishes its weekly album-sales chart on Wednesday, the top five is likely to include the Foo Fighters, British vocalist Adele and Lemonade Mouth—a band that doesn’t exist, except in a made-for-TV movie.

The nascent real-world success of the made-up band comes courtesy of Walt Disney Co., whose Disney Channel produced the movie. The game plan with “Lemonade Mouth”—the movie, whose plot revolves around the band of the same name—is similar to successful Disney campaigns for “High School Musical” and “Camp Rock.”

If “Lemonade Mouth” maintains its current interest level among its preteen audience, company executives say, it could…

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Lemonade Mouth flash mob… (hilarious!)

Very cool… Hayley Kiyoko (who plays “Stella” in the movie) and Chris Brochu (“Ray”) flash mob an Apple Store with dancers. Hilarious… 🙂

Lemonade Mouth contest “Mouth-Off Mondays”

Lemonade Mouth presents “Mouth-Off Mondays” contest for prizes. Check it out here.

Success of Lemonade Mouth…

Between Takes: The Lemonade Mouth movie cast

Disney Channel movie puts author in spotlight

Bella English, Boston Globe Staff

April 23, 2011

WAYLAND — When he was in high school, Mark Peter Hughes finished in the top four of a young adult fiction contest whose winner would get a book published. Though he did not win, he was invited to submit another draft. He never followed up.

“I was a dumb kid,’’ he said.

Two decades later he…

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Lemonade Mouth “The Next Big TV Musical”

Check this out. Very, very cool… 🙂 Oh, and LM premieres in Canada this weekend. Welcome to the revolution!