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New Lemonade Mouth music video: “Breakthrough”

Check out the new full-length movie trailer…

Here it is in all its lemony glory. Are you pumped for April 15 yet? We sure are!

Lemonade Mouth Songs Preview: LM cast discuss their fav songs from the movie

Includes previews of “Breakthrough,” “Turn Up The Music,” and “Somebody.”

New music vid for the Lemonade Mouth movie song “Somebody” — plus the “making-of” vid

The earlier video (released a couple weeks ago) was the “lyrics” music video. Here’s the official video with the cast:

Here’s the “making-of” vid:

Lemonade Mouth advert in Seventeen Magazine! Holy schmoley…

Um…well, it seems Lemonade Mouth are continuing skyward on this weird rocket ride. After seeing this in Seventeen Magazine today, Olivia started walking around in a daze. Charlie has been working off his excitement by beating on his drums like a madman. He’s been at it for two hours now. It’s good, though. All good.

Lemonade Mouth Game “Renegade”

Okay, so Lemonade Mouth HQ is still spinning over this one. Disney just put up a couple of Lemonade Mouth games! The newest is called “Renegade” and you can play it by clicking the picture. How cool is that? (“Whoa…” says Stella, her mouth hanging open. Olivia, Wen, Mo, and Charlie are bug-eyed and speechless….)

New Video! “Lemonade Mouth Letter” Song: Author Mark Peter Hughes’s musical response to a reader’s questions

How the song “Somebody” fits into the Lemonade Mouth story